a faith based charity and non-profit organization


Menorah Light Foundation is a Torah based organization

Menorah Light Foundation is a Torah based organization making a difference in investment in better education, quality health and a beautiful healthy planet. We promote high ethical and moral standard among the youths.

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An Humanitarian & Charity Organization

Menorah light Foundation is a humanitarian and charity organization with the aim of assisting young people to develop their mental, physical and spiritual potentials to full capacity. We have different projects , seminars and products for the benefits of the youth. We promote academic excellent , offers scholarships and grants for gifted children and help cognitive challenged kids to develop their potentials.


We Support Medical Needs

In a world of rising medical costs and challenges , our medical team provides the right support system streamline for each individual and class. We are there for prompt access to quality health care. Our medical outreach bring quality cares to those who need it.

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The Torah

In a world of confusion and uncertainty. In a sea diverse conflicting information, theories and formulations. turbulence world On a road that have become a maze, in a state of hopelessness, One Book stand out as a Rock. One Book is a Sure guide and would not lead you astray. One Sacred Book with a Sacred message grounded in historical truth and certainty, that Book has stood the test of time. That great book is the Torah. Its messages is ever relevant across all generations